Fire and Life Safety Design

Fire and life safety design services are crucial aspects of building design, focusing on measures and systems to protect occupants and property from the risks associated with fires and other emergencies. These services aim to ensure that buildings are safe, compliant with relevant regulations, and equipped with the necessary features to respond effectively in emergency situations.


Service Includes

These services are critical for safeguarding lives and property in the event of a fire or other emergencies. Our major services includes;


Fire Safety Strategy

We develop Fire and Life Safety Strategies to ensure that safety measures are integrated seamlessly in design.


Fire Protection Systems Design

This involves the design of fire detection and suppression systems such as fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and fire extinguishers to prevent the rapid spread of fire.


Smoke Control Systems

Designing systems that manage and control the movement of smoke in a building during an event of fire.


Fire-Resistant Construction

We select and specify fire-resistant materials and construction methods to reduce the spread of fire and provide safe areas of refuge for occupants.


Emergency Lighting and Signage

Designing and specifying emergency lighting systems and exit signage to provide illumination and clear directions for occupants to exit safely in low-light conditions.


Code Compliance

Ensuring that the building design and systems comply with local and national fire codes and regulations.

Value Added Service

Our below listed value-added services go beyond the basic design and aim to enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability.


Fire Risk Assessments

Conduct thorough fire risk assessments to identify potential hazards and vulnerabilities to facilitate clients in the development of effective fire prevention and mitigation strategies.


Risk Assessment

Evaluating the specific fire and life safety risks associated with a particular building or occupancy type and tailoring the design to mitigate those risks effectively.


Fire Protection System Audits

Evaluate and optimize existing fire protection systems (e.g., sprinklers, alarms, extinguishers) to ensure effectiveness and compliance with safety codes.


Energy Efficiency

Integrating fire and life safety measures with energy-efficient building systems to create sustainable and environmentally friendly designs.


Third-Party Plan Review

Conduct independent reviews of fire and life safety plans to ensure quality, compliance, and adherence to industry standards.

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